Medical Detox

The first stage of detox is one of the most important. Before a person can focus on gaining the knowledge and skills needed to live a life of recovery, addictive substances must be removed from the body. Detox is how that happens. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we understand that detox may not be something an individual is looking forward to going through. So, we work to make the process simpler and smoother for patients looking to heal from substance abuse issues.

Medical Detox for all Addictions

Medical Detox in Asheville, North Carolina | Mountainside SolutionsBasically, detox is the removal of substances from the body. But, how does this happen? Unfortunately, there is no pill to take or quick extraction method which can eliminate these substances from the body. Instead, a person must simply wait until the substance leaves the body naturally as a result of metabolization. With most substances, detox can be achieved in a week’s time. But, it depends on the substance a person uses, how long they were using, and other factors.

Explaining Withdrawal During the Detox Process

Unfortunately, detoxing from specific addictive substances is not an enjoyable experience. This is due to withdrawal. After a period of time using addictive substances, the brain’s chemical makeup and functioning can start to change. And, only start only responding to specific stimulation when addictive substances are in use. So, once the brain’s function has already been compromised, when the addictive substances aren’t in use, an individual may experience withdrawal symptoms.

The Problem with DIY Detox

Often, detoxing isn’t successful because an individual will start to experience aggravating withdrawal symptoms and use their drug of choice just to keep the symptoms at bay. As mentioned, detoxing isn’t fun. That’s because withdrawal symptoms are often agitating and uncomfortable. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include sweating, chills, fever, muscle aches, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. But, there are more severe withdrawal symptoms which can even lead to death. These include seizures and convulsions.

Overall, the risk of using during the detox process and the risk for emergency situations are both great reasons for not considering “do it yourself” detox. While going cold turkey may work for some, it’s imperative to understand the dangers and complications which may come with detoxing on your own. And, why any addiction specialist will recommend that individuals go through a medical detox program before enrolling in treatment.

What’s Different About Our Detox Program?

While going cold turkey without any support isn’t a good idea, it doesn’t mean that you have to enroll yourself in a 60-day medical detox program. There is another option. Medically assisted detox is an effective way to detox on an outpatient basis. This means that instead of having to reside in a facility until detox is complete, individuals can experience detoxing while living at home. And, going about important daily routines like attending work or school. Basically, individuals are provided with medications which can drastically help to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. And, make the process a bit easier and safer than simply waiting for the drugs to exit the system.

If you think that an outpatient detox is something that could work for you, consider Mountainview Recovery for your detox needs!

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